About Us

Etxart & Panno

was created in Barcelona in 1988 by Omar Etxart and Emi Panno.

In the beginning, in Omar's words: "Our fist store was a 400sq. ft. mini store. We launched only a product: a white blouse with big shoulder pads and a black belt, we just had one size, but with the 80's trends was not a problem. In just one week the word spread into the city and we had a big line outside our door. Everyone wanted that blouse! That gave us an idea of what we were able to achieve, so we increase the collection and the company started to grow". 

Our Clothes

Made of fine and natural fibers, our garments are based on an elegant conception of fashion, with a touch of sophistication and always very feminine. Everything we do is designed in Barcelona and made in Spain, because we care about our origins, about a fair world and about making clothing with soul.

Our Design

The creation of each collection is an opportunity to explore the brand concept of fashion and women. Emi Panno rises to the challenge as the designer and head of Etxart & Panno's design team.